it's so cold in Alaska.


I'm Hannah. I write at a few different places. This tumblr is full of food, gifs, cute animals, old Hollywood, fashion & beauty (usually of the vintage variety), babely dudes, saucy little pin-ups, my television & film obsessions, and all of the garbage in between. Don't be a jerk.

fraulein asked: are you rosemaryandguy or hannah-e-johnson inquiring minds need to know!!!!

I use hannah-e-johnson but it’s under the same email as this account and I can’t change the main account, so when I “like” things or reply to stuff it shows up as rosemaryandguy but yeah I use the other account to post.

Probably confusing if you still get likes and stuff from me because my new tumblr is on this account - I only post to So follow that! Thanks.

I have a new tumblr

I have a new tumblr not using this one anymore.

Just a reminder I have a new tumblr.

I have a new tumblr.

dudguacamole asked: Hannah why don't I know better than to constantly start with guys in bands? Related: how many guys in bands have you kissed.

I don’t use this tumblr anymore, Anna! Also just stay away from men in Toronto in general. Like seriously.

Just a reminder I got a new tumblr. ty

Little alien. 👽

Rainy morning.

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